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Make Sure It’s Kosher

If my phone doesn’t work
it’s like having a baby—
I jest.

The hardest thing for me is that
you don’t look very Jewish.
Here’s all the information that I have:

  1. He’s out for blood.
  2. Picklebacks for everyone!
  3. Don’t judge that person.


I’m gonna get you your chowder, you damn freak!


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I’m with my family that’s from Canada.
I don’t feel so bad,
I don’t know if it’s settled—
I’m a busy woman.

He was so satisfied, everything was good.
I’m not paranoid, I’m just trying to be a supportive person.
He’s always just saying,

“You shouldn’t be talking like this!”

Darkness is good.


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Out of Context

Let’s repurpose it.
That’s much better now,
I can definitely dish out that shit.

I know you may have failed that test, but you know what?

He set a high score and I’m proud of that.
He’s right over there—
out of context, but ultimately I don’t hold that against him.