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I used to get fucked up
on Country Time
Lemonade—some real
1940s drama.

Just like any teen, it was all about validation.

This was when
I was fifteen and went to a place
I think was called Hobo Junction.

Women are
colder there and it’s hard
to find
a good kebab. Maybe if the weather
had been nicer, we could have
had a few
beach days.

It’s a
bit of
a long

even my dad
won’t make it
nine times
out of ten.

I mean, the trains don’t run
as well as they
say they do.

But I’m the kind of person
to just say:
Fuck it!
and get a rickshaw.


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Anger Management

I got really
mad at you—I was doing
it twice a day for weeks.

Running around

with no regard, no
control; am I that

It’s no way to de-stress.

It’s just a really tedious
process for
me, acting like I know everything.

No one,

not even
my mom

(well, of course
they’re a doctor)

really believes
in that kind of stuff.