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people with dogs

Even when I told her
that we were failing, that she was ruining our
song, she just stood in the middle of the ocean sabotaging things.
Her mother told me
it was out of love and her friends all say
it was out of fear, but what do I know?

I’m not exactly a psychologist,

yet. My friends call her a beast, though
I’m sure I can get better insights
on the topic, than drunken texts from frat boys
at 2am. I’m not even sure what good
an answer will do because closure
doesn’t really exist,

it doesn’t really solve the mystery of why people do bad things…

or why they never call you back.

I mean, there are some
who try to tell me that people with dogs
are so much nicer,
but that doesn’t really explain Kate to me.
She has a bichon frisé and

she still sucks.



Trying to find the right words.

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