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je t’avait dit non

Our first
conversation after
the Chunk Lover concert, you told me
that you needed to have a little
sex, even just a blow would do.

You promised that you had a
tongue cleaner—lemon flavoured—
back at your place that I could use.

I know you weren’t necessarily trying
to be an asshole, but this was a stark departure
from our previous talks, where we debated
the merits of soft leaded pencils versus
hard ones.

The only way I could react
was to give you that weird look, which I regret

because now I seem like the maladjusted one.

But it wasn’t enough that je t’avait dit non.

Just a little sex, you insisted.
Je t’avait dit non, and that wasn’t enough.

So I had to bring up the fact
that you smelled funky.
Very horsey.

And that wasn’t enough.

Just a little sex.
Just a little…
Just a…


And it wasn’t enough.




Trying to find the right words.

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