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beyond city limits

I’ve been back in Nanaimo for 3 days and we’re already hitting the road: “Operation Okanagan” is a go.

Mum says if we fill up now, we won’t have to stop until Chilliwack. There’s room in the trunk for another person and maybe some beef jerky, but I’m not sure if we’ll make it beyond Vancouver; Taylor IS in his 20s. I wonder if we’ve outgrown this—the “family vacation” trope. Dad taking a detour, mum getting angry, and Tay on the toilet for two days because he hogged all the snacks.

I could fight it, but it makes them happy…I think…The best part is, they’ll be divorced in six months. Can you imagine driving nine hours with that hanging over your head?

I should stop complaining. This is probably the last time we’ll all be together in this context.

I’ll let you know how the expedition fared once we get into the valley. Hope you’re managing alright with the kids.

xo Jack

This piece was created entirely out of conversations that were eavesdropped upon at gas stations in what is colonially referred to as the Greater Vancouver Area. beyond city limits is featured in volume #24 of Thin Air Magazine, as the 2nd place winner of their inaugural Gas Station Prize.

Words from judge Dr. Sarah Minor about the piece:

“Beyond City Limits” convinces me that every story comes in layers. Each form is built by textures and map keys and the way that someone dear to you keeps drawing their letter “A.” In this hybrid piece, [the author] uses a collaged, visual form to remind us of all that can be communicated by what a narrator leaves out.”




Trying to find the right words.

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