the rain barrel

Occasionally, lines from conversations sit idle in my notepad for weeks, even months without use. They start to inhibit the process of eavesdropping because I inherently want to use them and therefore “try” to hear things that will fit alongside them. At the end of every month, lines that remain in my notepad go into the rain barrel. Some may become writing prompts for other projects and others will just remain here, as evidence of some of the more unique conversations I’ve encountered. Feel free to use them as prompts, or to create your own found poetry, just don’t forget to share the results with me!


JUNE 2018:

I can’t believe she endured it all.

Should I just call him and say. .?

I think it depends actually.

You’re the one looking for it you’re the one looking for it you’re the one looking for it.

What kind of pills did you take?

I’ve never seen an electron but I sure know how to control one.

I go hard.

MAY 2018:

I was hoping no one would catch that.

Child! That’s enough!

You line up where the sign is.

You know what?

It does reflect on me as well; how do I go back to Samir?

Maybe she can replace the Australian I lost.

What do Belgians know about fries?

I’m just an idiot.

My day sucks, I’m not gonna lie.

This is how it works here, this is how things go.

APRIL 2018:

So wait, what is that?

I’ve never smoked by myself to fall asleep.

I’ve got two more.

She laughed.

Well, we are related but we…

Say no more, I’m gonna fucking drop this guy.

It’s not funny.

You should learn to be a mortician.

He faked his on death.

MARCH 2018:

Is it so hard to call back?

I didn’t watch any of it.

It’s gonna be another 20 minutes.

I may need to save it.

Leave campus at 11 on Saturday, be home by 8pm.

It’s still under my name in the system.

If I don’t feel like working.

Depictions of vast.

It’s a non issue.

Because you said.

Most people have similar problems.

There’s McDick’s.

I’ve seen you a couple of times.

Can we walk and talk at the same time?

New record.

Piss on a dead person.

It’s not constructive.

I value communication and consideration.

You say you were a young man at 79?!

She’s really pretty in real life.


I lost the fucking from somehow.

What is this liquid?

Saw her in the grocery store.

I make observations.

That’s cause he almost shit the bed.

Where are you going?

You live on Main?


Can I pay you in cloth?

I fell right off of it.

Transfer there.

There’s always a sound and then it’s hot.

Black out, cooter what!?

I’m stalking you guys.

Where do I go?

Just shut them down.

I wish my boyfriend was like that.

I’ll leave you right now.

In the morning…

The Nest wasn’t even a thing.

Where are you phoning from in Saudi Arabia?

Once, there was more than one.

Don’t worry about it.

I don’t have my Serving It Right or anything, but I would love to do that.

And you never showed up!

I just want some damn sun!

She gave me some good tips too.