The Author

The author of the eavestrough diaries is anyone and everyone—it could even be you.

Each line of poetry comes from a different conversation, encountered in public. These lines have been transcribed—verbatim—and arranged in the order that they were overheard, with some room allowed for creativity in regards to formatting and structure. Some flow from one to the next as if they were meant to be from the same exchange, others will seem disjointed and discordant. Regardless, these lines are all serendipitous in their own way, as they were able to break through the bustle and chatter of everyday life, into the ears of the project’s Eavesdropper-in-chief, Les Mots Manquants.

Les Mots Manquants (from the French: the missing words) is a Vancouver, BC based poet, who works to unravel the depth and truth concerning feelings of nostalgia. Currently a student of History, they began the eavesdrop diaries as a way to tap into the poetic potential of everyday conversations. You may not see them while you’re at the supermarket, you may never meet them in person, but be aware that they are listening for your voice and want to hear everything you have to say.